Parking in the UK can be very stressful, difficult to find and in most cases costly, either due to a parking charges or parking fines! This situation is being exacerbated by the aggressive stance adopted by most city councils towards parking within their administrative boundary, which has recently lead to the discussion about implementing the parking levy scheme. The City Councils claim that they are determined to deliver and protect the future of the city so that we prosper in an efficient, safer and cleaner environment.

Transport, pollution and the environment are big issues on a worldwide scale. Great Britain has witnessed an increase in traffic of nearly 4% in the last five years and is expected grow further in the coming years. Over the same period public transport use has also increased significantly, which has encouraged the City Councils to direct their future plans towards optimising their resources in developing public transport facilities, and hence the aggressive stance towards parking provisions for private cars. This will undoubtedly make life difficult for most of us.

It is very unlikely that parking is the most dreadful experience that you will come across, especially when you have companies like ParkingLocal who offer services to make your life easier. In line with the City Councils’ vision to enable people and goods to travel whilst protecting our environment, battling congestion and providing a safer environment, ParkingLocal is taking the initiative in optimising the use of already available parking spaces that you and others around you are unaware of in your local area. In fact, we are providing a service that will help fast track your City Council’s ambitious objectives for the people and the environment.

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