Where to park

People are often discouraged from visiting cities due to worries about parking. In reality parking in most cities couldn’t be easier with great Park and Ride services, plenty of spaces at secure multi-storey car parks and pay and display metered areas.
Below you will find general information about the different car parking options available.

Secure Car Parks

Car parking should be safe and secure. When you’re looking to park, check that the premises have a Park Mark® Secure Parking Award, a scheme introduced to reduce crime and the fear of crime in parking facilities. This means that they have been assessed by the Police and have measures in place to deter criminal activity, creating a safer environment for both you and your vehicle. CCTV cameras are in operation and regular foot or mobile patrols are undertaken by car park officers. You can find out more about this scheme at www.parkmark.co.uk.

Secured Pay On Foot Car Parks

Automated barriers normally control entry and exit. You will be issued with a ticket at your entry, provided there are spaces available, and following entry, find a suitable bay to park in. Keep the ticket with you when you leave your vehicle. When you have finished your stay, make a payment at one of the paying stations located within the car park, before you return to your vehicle. Usually pay stations will accept both coins and bank notes and also provide change. On completing the payment you will receive back your ticket. Use this ticket at the exit barrier and continue on your journey.
N.B. If you lose your ticket, payment will be required at the maximum daily rate even if your stay is shorter.

Pay & Display Car Parks

You will be required to pre-pay on arrival for the time period you expect to stay. This ticket must be clearly displayed in your car. Ensure you park within the marked bay and take care not to park on or outside the bay markings as this can result in an automatic fine. These car-parks are patrolled at regular intervals and cars found parking outside the parking limit displayed on the ticket will be fined, you do not normally get any tolerance so it is important to ensure you are covered for the time you are away from your vehicle.

Motorcycle/Cycle Charges

The charge for motorbikes for all day parking is substantially cheaper than for four wheelers and almost all car parks accommodate motorbikes. Please ensure that you securely lock your machine when you have parked it. Cycle Lockers are also available at many car parks at a very low-cost, and sometimes this service is available free of charge.

Evening Parking

Evening prices are generally a lower cost than day prices, but be sure to note the time allocations and charges which will vary depending on the individual car-park. Some car parks also accept advance payments, ideal to avoid queues for theatre and concerts where pay machines can become very busy following a performance.

In nearly all cases customers must obtain entry tickets between a specific time interval and exit by 9am the following day in order to qualify for the reduced evening rate. Failure to abide by these time points will be generally result in you being charged at the normal tariff rate for the whole of the parking period!

Special Shoppers & Visitors Tariff

A special offer is available to shoppers and visitors at selected car parks to park from 4 to 8 hours at a reduced rate. To qualify for this special tariff, entry to the multi-storey car parks must be between 10am and 1pm. At the other car parks tickets must be purchased between 10am and 1pm. Please note that the time intervals can vary according to the car park or area in which you wish to park in.

Pay & Display for Blue Badge Holders

Parking is generally available free of charge for the first 4 hours. Thereafter, normal charges apply. In such cases, for example, if you intend to stay 5 hours at a Pay and Display car park, set your clock on arrival and purchase a Pay and Display ticket for 1 hour.
Please remember to display and set your clock alongside your Blue Badge on arrival.

Pay on Foot Parking for Blue Badge Holders

Parking is also commonly available free of charge for the first 4 hours. Make your entry to the car park as you usually do, retain your ticket and blue badge while leaving your vehicle. When your stay is over, take your Blue Badge and entry ticket to the Customer Services/Information office. You will be given a free exit ticket, and/or charged for the parking time over allocated free hours. Ask a Parking Officer if you need help.

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