How to apply

How would applications be made?

The WPL proposals are that the Nottingham City Council (NCC) will create a licensing scheme, whereby any organisation providing parking spaces for its workers must obtain a licence for providing those parking spaces. Charges will be imposed by way of this licence.

Each licence will run for a full year, starting 1st April 2012; the date the proposed order will come into force. An application form will need to be completed by the organisation and sent to NCC at least a month prior to the commencement date, to allow time for NCC administration to process it. The application form will list the maximum total number of parking spaces being provided and show which of the spaces are exempt and which are applicable for 100% discount. The business will multiply the number of liable spaces by the annual charge and submit their payment at the same time as submitting their application form. Payment can either be the full annual amount or by direct debit. The licence will be issued once payment is received.

Organisations having problems completing the application form will be able to refer to the guidance pack they will receive, contact a telephone helpline number, or call in at NCC’s offices and talk to one of the WPL Operations team.

Changes to the licence will be possible during its valid period. Changes will attract an administration charge and may be made on the grounds of either a reduction or increase in the amount of liable spaces (i.e. there may be a change in use of some spaces, resulting from an organisation growing or by more spaces attracting a 100% discount). Charges are calculated pro rata for the remaining full months the licence is valid for.

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