Park Smart

ParkSmart is state-of-the-art technology deployed to implement a revolutionary new way of helping motorists and pedestrians to get to where they want to be.

By implementing ParkSmart, Nottingham will continue to grow and prosper. The new zoning and parking system will help to reduce frustration and less time and money will be wasted through congestion.

The city centre is being divided up into five distinctive colour-coded zones. The name of each zone reflects the individual character of that area. The zones are; Royal, Castle, Broadmarsh, Lace Market and Victoria. Each zone is represented by a unique colour and symbol. There are several car parks located in each zone.

As drivers approach the outskirts of Nottingham city centre they will see brown tourism signs, showing which zone to head for and park in for a particular tourist attraction.

New street signs will feature the zone colours and symbols, so that motorists can easily identify which area they are in. Information points, maps and directional ‘finger posts’ pointing the way to head for different attractions will also be changed to show the zone symbols so that whether by car or on foot, people can easily recognise where they are.

Interactive electronic signs, similar to those on motorways, will be introduced. These signs will provide up to the minute information on car park space.

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